A Tier 1 response with highly-skilled operators and the most professional application of tactics requires a high-level of sophistication in equipment and training. As with all quality resources in this day and age, the equipment and level of training does not come at an average price. Most of the sophisticated technology and up-to-date equipment Dallas SWAT uses is purchased through private funds or grants. City municipality budgets are all too often constrained for their police departments, and high-ticket items struggle to held a priority and funded. More so, the amount of “red-tape” and paperwork in having a city purchase critical equipment can lead to poor quality equipment due to restrictions on vendors, and can delay the procurement of such equipment, even up to a year or two at a time. If Dallas SWAT was left exclusively to the city to fund and equip, the team would have the minimum gear from the lowest-bid vendor.
It is common for major police departments and SWAT teams to rely on the citizens and communities of their city to help fund them so they may continually maintenance critical equipment, purchase new technology, and keep their training up to date. As much as a SWAT team is a reflection of the passion and work its operators put into the job, it is also a reflection of the support and care the community gives because it knows the need to have the best team in the country when things go wrong. Professionalism and successful outcome are Dallas SWAT objectives.


The Dallas SWAT Foundation is an established 501.c3 non-profit in the State of Texas. The fund is advised by members of the SWAT team and managed through the Communities Foundation of Texas. All donations go to funding equipment, technology, training, continuing education, and certification for the Dallas SWAT team.


Any monetary donation given is greatly appreciated in helping the Dallas SWAT team remain operational. Although most of our expenses are large-ticket purchases, no amount is too small to help all of our cause.

(Donations may be made anonymously or in tribute. All charitable receipts provided by Communities Foundation of Texas.)